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 Lion Eyes makes Super Fun Accessories!

Based in Melbourne, Australia and a proud female owned business, Lion Eyes is a new project by designer Zoë Rouse. A melting pot, Lion Eyes mixes Zoë’s background in costume, theatre and textile design together with many years of enthusiastic hoarding, daydreaming and retail therapy to create a brand that is bright, cheerful and light heartedly feminine.

 Launched in 2020 with a small, limited edition range of enamel pins, soft silk cotton scarves and organic cotton screen printed tote bags. Lion Eyes designs are jam packed with colour, bold geometrics, oversized motifs and loud typography. Each Lion Eyes collection has had an overall theme, inspired by and celebrating the most ordinary everyday things. 

The first collection, Good Hair Gang, was in true Leo style, all about hair and the joy of a really good hair day. With the current Lion Eyes collection, Zoë took inspiration from ‘that time of the month’, the Period. Creating a range of accessories that are proud and playful, that poke fun while aiming to help normalise talking about mensuration and menstrual health.

 Made with help from some amazing small businesses, some of them local and some from overseas, Lion Eyes designs are created for everyone and tries to add a little more playfulness to every outfit and every day.